Heatstroke Ruled Cause of 2014 Future Music Festival Deaths, Not Illegal Drugs


Future Music Festival

It looks like the organizers of the cancelled Future Music Festival were lied to, along with the rest of the world. In a stunning revelation, reported by Malaysia Kini, Mixmag, The Star Online, The Straits Times & Stoney Roads the police covered up the cause of death of 6 people who attended Future Music Festival 2014. Instead of dying from MDMA, ketamine or opiate overdoses, they died of heatstroke. Two of those hospitalized didn’t have a trace of illegal substances in their system. At the time, the deaths shocked the global dance music community, and it appears that the police did not do their due diligence when it came to working with the forensic pathologist on the case, department head Dr. Nadesan. He states:

“Generally, the police did not show much interest in the reports. Unfortunately, they made statements without proper scientific reasons, which is not the right way. They should have spoken to us and encouraged an inquest into the case because it is a matter of public interest to prevent similar incidents,” he told The Star.”

There you have it folks. The forensic expert on the case not being listened to, and glossed over the fact that the kids straight up didn’t die from what we were all told they died from. Again, quoting Dr. Nadesan verbatim:

“I was surprised because when I came in, the impression created from the police announcement was that they had taken large doses of drugs. Even the clinicians at the trauma centre were under the impression that these people were heavily intoxicated with drugs and were treating them for overdose instead of heatstroke.”

With this and the recent news that the “mdma” overdoses at Wesleyan were actually a synthetic cannabinoid (fake pot) named Ab Fubinaca, maybe we’ll start seeing some depth in reporting. At this point, anything is better than the pearl clutching we’re seeing every time something bad happens. Livescape Asia has posted an extensive response to the news and you can read it in full here, on Future Music Festival’s Facebook page. They’re now calling for the reports to be made public, and I doubt they’ll back down after hearing this.