Late Night Alumni Unveil 5th Studio Album ‘Eclipse’


Late Night Alumni Unveil 5th Studio Album 'Eclipse'

Late Night Alumni’s 5th studio album, ‘Eclipse’, was released this week after months of anticipation. The full-length album is a heady electronic journey, taking listeners into new musical realms that display the duo’s versatility. ‘Eclipse’ presents a new chapter in the band’s legacy, while maintaining a distinct aura of their past efforts, which may be found in their tracks such as “Shades of Night” and “The This This”. Known for electronic instrumentation, “Runaway” and “In The Middle” disclose these inimitable talents. John’s distinct electric guitars are seamlessly united with Becky’s sensual voice.

“The album ‘Eclipse’ was inspired by the duality of human nature. “We can’t be defined. We are how we see ourselves and we are the someone that everyone sees. We are cycles of change. We are idiosyncrasies and nuances. We are no one thing. No man is an island, but every man, an eclipse,” describes the group. Dive into Late Night Alumni’s futuristic ‘Eclipse’, as it’s now available via Kaskade’s Arkade imprint.