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Life In Color Miami Releases Official After-Movie

In the midst of their continued world tour, the Life in Color team has strategically released their official after movie for Life in Color Miami 2014. The festival took place in the heart of Miami, in the parking lot of the SunLife Stadium last December, bringing in over 50,000 paint enthused ravers between both days. The after movie only gives you a glimpse into the unmatchable festival that combines some of the largest musical acts, world class production, and thousands of gallons of neon paint. With the release of the video comes the announcement of the homecoming of the unique festival, taking us back to where the paint splurging event has found its base in Florida. January 16th 2016 marks the return of LIC Miami, so mark your calendars and get yourself ready to get drenched in paint.

Pre –registration for the event will begin July 15th with early bird tickets becoming available July 16th. You can find more information about tickets for LIC Miami 2016 here.

Born and raised in the wonderful city of Miami, I have grown to love the EDM genre of music and the culture behind it.
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