Rain Man – Make The Fire Burn [Free Download]


Make the Fire Burn

Rain Man – Make The Fire Burn

And the separation between Rain Man from you-know-who deepens. After teasing us for a month, posting a 30-second track and cutting it off right before the drop, ‘Make The Fire Burn‘ is finally uploaded, and it takes the now solo DJ on an old school dubstep robotic adventure, infusing the current mainstream obsession with reggae. But boy does he have fun with it. It’s as dark and gritty as ‘Visionary,’ but he takes it a step further and speeds things up until it’s pure robot word-vomit, distorting and processing the hell out of the reggae vocalist. Literally. It’s like Satan calling out for you to join his fiery pits of torment. Kris is relentless and the track plays like he has nothing to lose. It’ll be beyond sweet to see how far he is willing to go. Maybe even bring classic dubstep (and brostep) back to the electronic genre!

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