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Soundcloud to Impose Daily Play Limits On Tracks

We’ve seen time and time again that Soundcloud is in a financially tenuous position. The writing has been on the wall for some time now that changes would eventually come, and things are about to get serious. Today Soundcloud announced that tracks accessed through Soundcloud’s API will be limited to 15,000 for every 24 hour period. Now there’s a lot of tech jargon in there so allow us to explain. If you access Soundcloud through the website or through the app, or even through an embed like you see on here that will remain intact. If however, you access a Soundcloud track through another app or through other blogs that have employ their own interface, those links will max out at 15,000 plays per day.

The likely reasoning for this is that those methods of accessing Soundcloud will not be able to receive ads that are surely coming. While the vast majority of people probably won’t notice this change, there are certainly some app developers and websites which will be sent scrambling by this change. The change officially kicks in on July 1, but for now you can read the full announcement at Soundcloud’s Developer blog here.

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