Taylor Swift Changes the Music Industry with Open Letter to Apple


Apple Music
In the wake of the stunning news that Apple Music would be requiring all artists to forego royalty checks for 3 months during the free trial period of Apple Music everyone is getting shortly. While many indie artists have shared their fears about this practice, the outcry wasn’t getting much press until yesterday, when Taylor Swift stepped into the ring. In a stupendously respectful tone, she reminded everyone about the struggling artist, producer and debt-ridden artist who wouldn’t see a dollar for 90 days. And it worked.

This happened all in under 24hrs. For Taylor Swift to force Apple, the most valuable company in the world to about face on this is a tremendous victory for music & artists everywhere. Even Calvin Harris decided to show his thanks to Taylor on twitter.

This is a pretty crazy development in a very short time. Who knows, if the artists really get together to force Apple Music to be the support structure TIDAL was sold to be, that could help a lot of artists. Here’s to hoping.