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Wal-Mart Hopes DJ’s Will Boost Employee Morale and Customer Service

This week, after the big-box retailers annual shareholders meeting, Wal-Mart executives announced plans to introduce Wal-Mart Radio, a new program in which a DJ will provide the soundtrack for their stores. Wal-Mart radio was amongst a list of many changes that were announced, all aimed at boosting employee morale thus boosting customer service. The in-store music selection was singled out specifically as employees have complained about the constant barrage of Justin Bieber and Celine Dion music that they are forced to listen to on loop. The move seems to be emblematic of Wal-Mart’s recent commitment to making working and shopping in their stores a more pleasant experience, as the powerhouse retailer has already raised hundreds of thousands of wages, promised to modify the in-store temperature, and declared that they will relax the employee dress code.

Via: The Washington Post

Austin Goldman
Austin Goldman
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