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Zedd – Beautiful Now (Official Music Video)

Zedd – Beautiful Now (Official Music Video)

Well we certainly didn’t expect such a turn of events. The preview obviously only showed us parts of the story, but it really didn’t tell us at all how it was going to come together. Yes, there are urges to rebel. But ‘Beautiful Now‘ is so much more, shocking us with its simple message. By far one of the best music videos from Zedd, if not the best. Unlike his past videos, the role separates him from the artist and places him in the human world, among other lives who find themselves in deadly situations. And they don’t care about censoring this presumably mainstream video. <SPOILER> When they show us the girl trying to get run over by a train to experience potential suicide, we come to see that they’re not kidding about really showing the threats made by people against themselves and others in today’s society.

The last scene cleared everything up by having the characters look at their reflections and realize who they’re becoming as well as the good life they’re leaving behind. By strategically stitching certain scenes together and separating the fun times (aka the chorus) from the desperate acts, they’re able to send an anti-suicide message; essentially showing the characters, and ourselves, the fun things they would be missing if they went through with it. In the end, it’s not worth it.

Watch the ‘Beautiful Now’ music video below:

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