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3LAU – Alive Again ft. Emma Hewitt

Alive Again

3LAU – Alive Again ft. Emma Hewitt

Following a few controversial remarks on twitter, Las Vegas based DJ and producer, 3LAU, has shifted our attention elsewhere, with the release of his newest single ‘Alive Again’, featuring Emma Hewitt. The progressive track was first debuted on Armin Van Buuren’s A State of Trance Radio Show Episode 720 and was officially released on July 5th on Armada Music. Emma Hewitt takes to familiar territory with this piece, as she has previously collaborated with other trance producers like Cosmic Gate and Dash Berlin. For 3LAU this is a different direction from what we are used to hearing, but nonetheless another perfectly engineered track. Combining Hewitt’s angelic voice with euphoric melodic progressions 3LAU creates a unique piece that’ll have your emotions running high. Its uplifting piano chords and subtle drops entrance its listeners, purifying their souls with its cathartic effects. Stay tuned for more as this is only part of 3LAU’s upcoming EP, which is set to be released July 20th.

Born and raised in the wonderful city of Miami, I have grown to love the EDM genre of music and the culture behind it.
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