More Than 600 EDM Fans Break Strange Guinness World Record At Festival


Guinness World Record

Attendees at last weekend’s The Voyage festival had a lot to celebrate. There was the amazing lineup including 3LAU, Bixel Boys, and fest-founders Dada Life, the beautiful San Bernardino summer weather, and, of course, a new Guinness World Record: Most People Dressed as Fruit. That’s right, with the encouragement of Swedish duo Dada Life, more than 600 EDM fans dressed up as bananas in the “first-ever Bananageddon.”

According to laist, Dada Life pulled the Bananageddon stunt to raise awareness about Tropical Race 4 – a fungal disease known colloquially as “Panama Disease” that has devastated banana crops in Africa and poses a threat to one of Latin America’s most important exports. The guys in Dada Life, who previously set the Guinness World Record for “Largest Pillow Fight”, are huge fans of bananas, even going so far as to include them in their riders. In a statement, Ollie Corneer said:

We use bananas for everything, seriously. They’re on our rider, our fans come to gigs dressed as them, they’re even in our logo. Imagine if we can’t get hold of them any more, it’s a crazy thought.

Another fun fact: The previous Guinness World Record for “Most People Dressed as Fruit” belonged to Germany when more than 400 people in Freiburg dressed up as grapes.

Guinness World Record
Guinness World Record
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