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Clean Bandit – Stronger (Vindata Remix)


Clean Bandit – Stronger (Vindata Remix)

I’m so glad electronic music has matured beyond the point of cranking up the beats per minute and calling it a remix, because a remix is an opportunity for artists to concretize their creativity and share with everyone, “This is how we hear the world.” Knowing that, forget Disney and Harry Potter World, I want to take a trip inside the mind’s of Branden and Jared of Vindata, while they produced this new remix of Clean Bandit’s “Stronger.” Giving off a pretense of possibly being just another fun, but basic remix in the buildup, the demolition of that pretense hits you like a 50-foot billboard with the incredible explosion of funk and power in the drop. And I’m not a fan of narcissists at all, but it seems like Vindata realized themselves that what they had produced definitely carried a big “wow” factor. A dynamite display of musical energy, Vindata’s remix of “Stronger” releases on Big Beat Records on July 31. Enjoy!

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