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Droptek – Colossus


Droptek – Colossus

Varieties of EDM genres may come and go, but drum and bass is one that has solidified itself as a dance music staple. Among the few drum and bass producers who have remained relevant through all its ebbs and flows is none other than Monsterdcat’s Droptek. His latest release titled “Colossus” is a true testament of the old school drum and bass in the new school era.

There is a fine line between drum and bass producers that make you flow your head to the beat and to make you jump our of your seat, and Droptek is definitely one of the later of the two. Possessing a rare anthemic energy, his uptempo productions are one in a million. His nods to the old school genres are apparent throughout the first break, as old school synth patterns set the rhythm throughout the build, which carries through into the drop. When the drop hits, tearing reese basses rip apart the groove for some stand up and obliterating energy that is sure to keep the energy going no matter where you’re tuning in from. So listen to the track below, and head over to Bandcamp to purchase your copy of Droptek’s tune today.

William Vance
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