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Eric Prydz Uploads “Opus” in its Full Glory to Soundcloud


Eric Prdyz – Opus

This truly is the summer of Eric Prydz. From numerous mind-bending festival sets, to 3 EPs, and an album, Eric cannot be stopped. Even the 3 EPs aren’t enough for him, and he is releasing his smashing EDC Vegas Finale track, “Opus,” on July 27. Many had suspected the epic nature of the track meant it was destined for the “Eric Prydz” moniker. In all likelihood this track will be the 2nd single off the upcoming blockbuster Eric Prydz album due in the fall.

That’s not all though. Eric went ahead and uploaded the entire track to Soundcloud already so everyone can bask in its glory. At 9 minutes long, its truly a behemoth of progressive house. With a slow and precise beginning, Opus┬ámethodically increase the tempo over 4 minutes before unleashing a flood of uplifting vibes and a soaring melody. Check it out below and add it to your collection on July 27.

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