KOLAJ – The Touch



KOLAJ – The Touch

“…and the Grammy Award for Song of the Year of the year goes to,” These are the words that’ll have Teesa and Mighty Mike of the newly formed duo, KOLAJ, on the edge of their seats within the next year. It’s not every day that two talents of this caliber find their way together, but the stars have aligned  to make it so, and boy are we excited. The potential that lies within the very concept of KOLAJ is enough to make current players in the scene quake, and we love to see them shake things up. Between Teesa’s mesmerizingly smooth vocals, and the dance inspired productions from Mike, you’ve got a musical powerhouse that’ll have you begging for new material, release after release.

Their debut single, “The Touch,” is wondrous recipe of endearing guitar, organic dance elements, and angelic vocals; with the structure of a dance tune, and the catchiness of a radio hit, “The Touch” serves as a prime example of the kind of change KOLAJ aims to bring to the industry, making them a true act to watch. “The Touch” is innovative, fresh, and downright addicting, so we’re expecting every release from here onward to be the same. You can stream it below, put it on repeat n’ play it all day, then hit up that iTunes link to grab yourself a digital copy. Enjoy.

KOLAJ – The Touch | iTunes