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LAUV – Reforget

Back in March, EDMTunes covered New York City based singer and producer Lauv’s first single ‘The Other,’ despite his style not necessarily fitting the genre advertised in our name. Lauv has returned with his follow up, ‘Reforget,’ and when a guy is making songs this good, it just makes sense to continue to tell you about them.

‘Reforget’ has the emotional power to pull at the heartstrings of anyone, and it makes for some great listening. In an interview with NYULocal shortly after he released ‘The Other,’ he talked about drawing tons of inspiration from a difficult breakup he had been going through, and that raw energy channeled from an experience everyone goes through at some point in life is so relatable. In the same interview, he mentioned that he expects to release a full Lauv album sometime toward the end of Summer 2015. As we approach that time, the two song sample of ‘The Other’ and ‘Reforget’ certainly has us excited about what’s come from this up and coming artist. Check out ‘Reforget’ below, and keep on the lookout for more from Lauv.

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