Mark Cuban Elaborates on the 2,000% Growth Rate of EmazingLights


Quite frankly the most anticipated venture of the infamous investment “shark,” and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, is EmazingLights. The company emerged in the dance industry as a staple of music festivals and concerts. The company came to life with the simple concept of putting lights on the fingertips of gloves, cultivating an entertainment subculture and and encouraging/creating a new market with the sport ravers like to call “gloving.” Needless to say, it’s paid off for the CEO and founder Brian Lim. The company has seen an explosive growth rate of over 2000% (2,281% to be exact), and Mark Cuban has taken a moment to elaborate on the success:

“I love what Brian is doing, and sales results show that interest in EmazingLights is certainly growing,” Cuban says. “Both consumer and community interest is on the rise as EmazingLights is releasing new products, opening new licensed stores, and developing its partnerships.”

“This is an awesome new dance art form where you can express yourself to any genre of music,” adds Lim when asked why sales are booming. “Teams and families are being formed by glovers that practice the art on a daily basis, similar to skateboarding crews.”

When Lim first appeared on Shark Tank with his idea, Mark Cuban was amazed and took full attention to detail. Cuban did not see the sport but was “emazed” by the product, and like any successful entrepreneur does, evaluated it by the numbers and projections. Sharks like Mark Cuban have been picking up these emerging ideas at conferences like SxSW and other places where upcoming ideas are on display for backing.

Since Shark Tank featured Lim back in March, EmazingLights has partnered with MGM, giving them the right to sell their products at six different locations in Las Vegas. This partnership also coincides with EDC Las Vegas, the largest EDM festival in the nation.