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Mastiksoul Gives Dirty Dutch a Latin Flair with “Jungle Terror”

Mastiksoul Gives Dirty Dutch a Latin Flair with

Chuckie’s renowned label, Dirty Dutch Music, continues to position itself as a trailblazer within the dance music industry. This latest release comes from Portuguese wonder, Mastiksoul. The veteran DJ / producer began his career over two decades ago, finding inspiration during numerous travels between his native country of Portugal and France. Mastiksoul’s global expeditions came full circle after discovering an affinity for African culture. This connection transpired into a source of artistic creativity, inspiring his music all the way to this day. Aptly titled “Jungle Terror”, catch this delectable treat via Dirty Dutch Music ROSy.

“Jungle Terror” bursts to life from the moment it starts. Mastiksoul unleashes a blast off with bouncing, throbbing drums that give way to a symphony of horns. If wasn’t clear where the song is set, an echoing voice takes over the top line bellowing “We Are In The Jungle”. The breakdown gives way to a high energy frenzy of chimes that will set off crowds at festivals across the globe.

Working with Chuckie is always one big party. I love how open-minded he is when it comes to all types of music, how much he embraces far-flung sounds and different tastes from around the world. That viewpoint fits in very well with me. The energy from our hangouts really fuelled the vibe of the track and I think that really comes across when you listen to “Jungle Terror.”

Like Dirty Dutch, I don’t care about what genre any music is; all that matters for me is if it sounds good. Latin house is such a varied genre; it gives you lots of room to experiment. It’s always fun because it combines energy, groove and funk. The rhythms soak into your body and you can literally feel the heat when you play it. Ive had a lot of fun making this record and it is my pleasure to welcome you to the jungle!! – Mastikoul

Chuckie and Dirty Dutch Music strive to promote new, forward thinking musical ventures. Genre limitations are a thing of the past and “Jungle Terror” is a step towards spreading this vision. Stay tuned for the next release on Dirty Dutch Music, as Chuckie has big plans for the label.

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