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New York After Dark: Slake to Host Moving Castle & Beat Street Parties

Slake - TechNoir - Moving Castle - EDMTunes
Photo by: T-Rex Photography

When you think of clubbing or parties, you think of Ibiza, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, London. Now, EDMTunes is proud to bring you the first in a continuing series where we showcase just how amazing some of your favorite venues can be. We’re starting off with Slake NYC. This banging spot, nestled in the heart of Manhattan, has arrived as the premiere club destination for forward thinking music. While some of the other venues let you pop bottles, this one is for the fans. The disco ball surrounded by barbed wire is a stupendous metaphor for the embattled state non-VIP dance music has evolved into on the island of Manhattan, with Slake never standing out, delivering quality week after week. On July 25th, EDMTunes will be enjoying two fresh vibes that you really need to get into. Slake has separated dancefloors, so they’re able to throw two separate parties under one roof.

Slake - TechNoir - Moving Castle - EDMTunes

First up, we’ve got a music collective that I have been obsessed with for months. Moving Castle is a tight collective of artists pushing Future sounds with the best of them. Chillstep/trap, Downtempo, Future Garage and R&B, Aussie Bass & severely mellow West Coast vibes are Moving Castle. Their latest compilation (Volume 4) is a splendid playlist featuring AObeats, Robokid and some of the others who produce the Moving Castle way. Get tickets here because this event should be slammed. Alex English, one of the few remaining resident Sith DJs in NYC, lends his support to the evening, so especially with this kind of night ahead, get there early kids. It’s going to be heavy, rocking & filled with tracks I doubt you’ll have heard before.

With it’s smooth future vibe this collective has gotten global attention, and is one of those sonic trends you’re going to hear about in a couple of years in mainstream blogs, but it hasn’t quite caught yet. If you can’t get enough of these guys, you’re definitely going to want to be at Slake on Friday, as they’re being unleashed on the decks all night. I’m very eager to see what these kids do, as Slake is one of the only places where the staff are loose enough to let the collective spin b2b2b2b if they wanted. They have the extended set up for it, plus the event staff are DJs in their own rights, so they know how to deliver what the crew wants.

Slake - TechNoir - Moving Castle - EDMTunes

Next, I really like this pick up. Beat Street is a collaboration between Vitamin B & the NYC Bass Collective, bringing you the best in breaks & bass music. This is get down low, vintage gold right here. An array of local talent (and yes, they are mega talents) supporting Keith Mackenzie, Monikkr & Kristin LushGet tickets here, because they don’t put music like this on the caliber of speakers Slake has very often.

Keith MacKenzie is a breakbeat wunderkind, with releases on 3 continents this year alone. The Chicago native is showing up to bless the room with breaks impossible to find outside of Vitamin B’s dope monthly. Speaking of which, the Vitamin B collective will be there! Representing hard, and if this is the first time you’re reading about the genre of music called breaks, boy are you in for a treat.

Tektite, Tim the Enchanter & illexxandra are three of my favorite people. They’ve been holding down the breaks universe here in NYC for longer than some genres of dance music have existed. Shisaa has recently joined the Vitamin B community, while The Beat Kitty throws down sexy, dubby breaks at underground parties all over the city. Kristen Lush is another NYC starlet who adds her signature style of tech to this mix.

There you have it folks, two dope parties under one roof. Two underserved genres of music, finding a home for the night at the irreplaceable Slake. EDMTunes can’t wait to show you this venue.

Terry Gotham
I’ve had the luck to see the sunrise in Miami, London, Ibiza, DC, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Prague, Casablanca, LA and of course, Black Rock City. I’ll be writing about different scenes, emerging music and wild parties. I’ve graciously been picked up by EDMTunes to provide correspondence from NYC and commentary on the changing scene. Hit me up on Twitter
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