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Porter Robinson Explains Why His Live ‘Worlds’ Shows Are One-Of-A-Kind

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Following a hiatus of nearly two years, Porter Robinson‘s unveil of his highly anticipated Worlds album and live tour sent shockwaves throughout the world of dance last August. Now, one year later, the young producer continues to play his popular live set, as he headlined Australian music festival Splendour In The Grass over the weekend. While there, he openly spoke about his live show and the Worlds album in an interview.

Although electro and party-oriented music fueled Robinson’s initial rise to fame, his latest Worlds album took on a unique and introspective approach.

Worlds, the album, was a pretty big shift in sound for me, where I was sort of getting away from the DJ thing and moving into more of what I hoped to be an artist career. The first thing I knew I wanted to do was do a show that just spanned my own music and discography.

Before this big shift in sound however, his career began at the green age of 18, where he toured with A-list talent like Skrillex and Tiesto. After learning from the best, Robinson mysteriously went dark and explained his reasoning:

I decided I was going to go off tour, stop touring for a while. I would not release music for a long amount of time and figure out what I really wanted to stand for and what I really wanted my music to be about. It was definitely a lot of introspection and figuring out what my taste was exactly. But out of that came Worlds, which I think is a really good impression of what my taste is, and out of that the show…that’s what really took me so long.

You can watch the full interview below:

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