Romanian Man Arrested After Stealing 37 Phones From Tomorrowland


 photo pile-of-smart-phones-014_zpsvlwce4mk.jpg

Music festivals are probably one of the easiest places to lose your phone. People are constantly taking them out of their pockets to take photos and text friends, which is why it isn’t that surprising that over 750 found themselves at Coachella’s lost and found. Unfortunately, phones aren’t always “lost”, as there are people who go out of their way to steal them.

At the Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands, a 39 year old Romanian man was arrested after police found 37 cell phones on him. Since many of the devices were wrapped in aluminum foil, the authorities were able to determine that they were stolen. After initiating an investigation, police also found that at least a portion (possibly all) of the phones were taken from Tomorrowland. Thankfully, some of the owners have already been contacted. If your phone was stolen from Tomorrowland, the Koninklijke Marechaussee (Royal Military Police) ask that you report the crime.

Source: NL Times