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These Are the Top 10 UK Events for Fitness Focused Festival Fans

Everyone has their own flavor of calorie burning. Some people go to the gym, some people do yoga, some people run marathons, and some people go to music festivals. Withings, a private tech company based out of France, has released a calculated list of the UK’s most exhausting festivals. The research suggests that dancing to electronic music burns about 700 calories per hour, roughly equal to an hour of intense swimming. The numbers reported range from 2,300 to 3,400 calories per day. In a similar report published by Boston Magazine, attending Boston Calling burned only 500-600 calories daily. They also note that “Boston Calling is no Coachella”. These are the UK’s top-10 events for those interesting in calorie burning, as well as live music:

10. T4 On The Beach, 2,300 calories burnt per day

9. Lovebox, 2,500 calories burnt per day

8. Bestival, 2,600 calories burnt per day

7. Isle of Wight Festival, 2,700 calories burnt per day

6. Creamfields, 2,800 calories burnt per day

5. Leeds Festival, 2,900 calories burnt per day

4. T in the Park, 3,000 calories burnt per day

3. Reading Festival, 3,000 calories burnt per day

2. V Festival, 3,100 calories burnt per day

1. Glastonbury, 3,400 calories burnt per day – or 6 Big Macs

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