Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Trippy Turtle – Drunk Texting

Drunk Texting

Trippy Turtle – Drunk Texting

We’ve all had those nights before where we go out, have one too many shots of tequila than we should, and send a few texts to people that we desperately wish we could take back the next morning. Texting while inebriated is a dangerous game, but thankfully Trippy Turtle has found a way to turn it into another jersey club jam with his latest tune “Drunk Texting.” The track is signature Trippy Turtle, using obscure sound samples like phone vibrations and sexy vocals to integrate into his fofofadi style. A fun and jovial track, “Drunk Texting” will hopefully remind you to “hold up” the next time you are about to send that intoxicated message, and think twice about what it is you are about to send. No word on a release date for the track just yet so the stream is going to have to suffice. Make sure to follow Trippy Turtle on Facebook and SoundCloud to see what fun is coming next.

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