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Kaskade Releases Music Video For Newest Track ‘Disarm You’

disarm you

Kaskade – Disarm You ft Ilsey (Official Video)

On July 24th, Kaskade released his new single, “Disarm You”, from his forthcoming album and he has now released the music video for said track. The video is an entire black and white silhouette that walks you through the song, verse by verse. When asked to describe the tune and its meaning, Kaskade said it’s, “a sincere plea for uninhibited or honest love with the beautiful vocal stylings of Ilsey set to a bed of music that is intense and powerful.”

It shows a lot of signs of love throughout, with blossoming flower pedals, fire portraying a burning passion, a couple trying to make it through this life together while also showing flashes of negativity. The powerful vocals from Ilsey really give meaning to what is being said, portraying the kind of emotion one goes through when feeling genuine about someone. When the second chorus hits, it goes into a sort of hyperdrive if you will, speeding through time and space apparently trying to get to the other person. When the track comes to a gentle ending, the two are reunited at last, their love to thank for holding them together.

Watch the video below and be sure to purchase “Disarm You” here.

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