TastyTreat X Tuslo – Inferno


TastyTreat X Tuslo - InfernoTastyTreat X Tuslo – Inferno

Monday got you like…wut? People in your office asking you if you have ‘a case of the Mondays?? (who says that even)’  Good thing there’s this TastyTreat banger to wake you up and roll you on through the afternoon (probably to Happy Hour, you know you want to).  ‘Inferno’ is kinda odd, in that it starts out with some low end grime play, filthily laying down a bass filled bar before transitioning into classic Tasty Treat – a Moving Castle inspired, soft synthesizer playland of piano chords and chill vibez. With a z. It’s a bit of a departure for Buygore after the first build, but we’re not complaining, as it’s a solid entry for both artists (it’s a collab with Tuslo) and label. Check it out.