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Things Get Chilly With The Newest “Skrillex Selects”

Skrillex Selects

Wow that didn’t take long at all. Scratch my prediction in the last ‘Skrillex Selectswrite-up. After only a week, Skrillex takes us back inside his head, and throws 6 more tracks at us. Most of the tracks are smooth and chill, like Virtual Riot‘s “Disintegrate” and Nebbra‘s remix of “Chief‘” from Party Thieves & ATLiens. But then we get some Trap of course from Skepta‘s “Shutdown,” before shifting completely away and ending up with the beat of ferocious drums and endless vocals in Melé‘s “Ambience”.

Skrillex still keeps us all over the music spectrum, but this playlist takes it even further, especially with the inclusion of R&B. It’s refreshing to see that Sonny does not seclude himself with only electronic music. “Here,” an R&B track from new artist Alessia Cara, takes one of the coveted slots away from another experimental or trap track, but feels like it really belongs there. It sits well between the hard beats of ‘Shutdown‘ and the tribal bass of ‘Ambience,‘ balancing the two with its effortless soul. This ‘Selects’ was definitely made for maximum chillocity.

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