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11 Things We Learned During Jeremy Olander’s AMA

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Known as Eric Prydz’ brilliant protégé, Jeremy Olander is a Swedish DJ known for producing a wide range of music that spans from melodic progressive beats to obscure and dark techno. He was the first artist to have multiple releases on Eric Prydz’ Pryda Friends label and performed at the EPIC 3.0 show at Madison Square Garden. Recently, Olander took to Reddit for a candid AMA (Ask Me Anything) to talk about his music, glimmering locks, love for Star Wars and more.

Here are a few key takeaways:

1. On getting a haircut soon:

“hahaha that cracked me up! and yes, I really should…”

2. If he had the chance to play his own essential mix:

“I would definitely not bang it out, and try and keep it very very fresh. I would need a lot of time to prepare for it!”

3. One track he thinks every fan of Electronic Music should listen to:

“I could go with all the classics like stardust etc., but ill go with something different and say Trentemoller – Moan (Trentemoller Remix). A truly amazing piece of music that crosses a lot of genres imo!”

4. His favorite movies:

“Mr Nobody, Sin-se-gae(korean, eng title ‘New World’), Lost in Translation, Ex Machina, V for Vendetta, Sicario(new film that was so intense), Mommy. Could go on but that was just what came to my mind!”

5. On where he gets his inspiration:

“I get inspiration from everywhere i think. my surroundings, reading books, wathcing films, playing video games. Anything that evokes emotions pretty much! Fighting with your parents, having fun with friends.”

6. On the craziest experience he’s had as a DJ:

“Playing MSG last year was fucking ridiculous, my parents and a bunch of my friends flew out and it was just such a huge mile stone in my career/life!”

7. On artists he would like to collaborate with:

“Definitely some hip hop artist, Nas, Method man, someone from a tribe called quest or someone from the newer generation like Joey Badass or ASAP rocky.”

8. On his biggest musical inspirations:

“I started fiddling around 12 years ago and i got really inspired by Joachim Garrauds zeemixx podcast, early Steve Angello/Ingrosso stuff, Prydz of course, Laidback Luke. Then i moved onto deeper stuff and have been stuck here since!”

9. His favorite Star Wars character, movie episode and excitement for new episode VII coming later this year:

“Jin and Obi-Wan Kenobi, favorite episode is either 5 or 6 and obviously a Jedi guy. I cant even express how excited i am about the new one, i truly believe if someone can pull it off, its JJ abrams.”

10. If he could travel to any point in time and choose any DJ to do a B2B with:

“B2B with Frankie Knuckles at Paradise Garage in the early 80s.

Present day, Digweed, Laurent Garnier or Sasha.”

11. The best sound system he’s ever played on:

“Tough one…from the top of my head; Beta in Denver.”



Luc Hancock
University of Oregon graduate and San Francisco native. Twitter - @luchancock
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