Axel Boy – Feels EP


Feels EP

Axel Boy – Feels EP

Alex Joyce aka Axel Boy from Bristol, UK is one of the more unique up-and-coming bass music talents in the game, as his musical focus spans many different styles of sound. Although he is generally bass driven in his productions, his music never fails to exceed in delivering colorful yet diverse emotions. Versatility is the name of Axel Boy’s game, as he infuses each release with genres that inspire him the most and refuses to restrict himself to one sonic theme or tempo, making him stand out from the rest. 

Axel Boy just unveiled his debut future project, Feels, on Borgore‘s imprint, Buygore. Feels stands as a musical showcase for the budding artist that illustrates his producing, songwriting and singing skills, as two of the EP’s tracks feature his own vocal talents. With an uplifting, airy and whimsical personality, Axel Boy’s three-track Feels EP proves that he is an ever-morphing electronic artist who is more than capable bending and excelling in a wide variety of genres, from dubstep to trap to now future productions.

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