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Newly Collected Pictures From Burning Man Are Out of This World

Burning Man
Jim Urquhart / Reuters

How insane is Burning Man? Only your imagination can really put limits on it. For those who haven’t been, it’s more than just a festival. Music plays only a small part in the community that is built and taken down in only a matter of weeks that encourages freedom of express without judgement and leaving commodities like money behind in place of a gifting society. For one week from the last Monday in August until the first Monday in September, 60,000 individuals from dozens of countries and different cultures converge on a dried up lake bed near the town of Gerlach, Nevada named Black Rock City.

A compilation of photos taken from numerous Burns over the years has surfaced and they’re well…quite beautiful to say the least. They range from art structures burning, to awe inspiring spreads with mountain backdrops to people just having a good time expressing themselves because at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about it. We’ve selected a few of our favorites (that are suitable for the site) for you to check out below:

Jim Urquhart / Reuters

“The Man”, represents the symbol of the entire festival, burns as tens of thousands of observers watch the wooden structure slowly fade away into the desert sky and collapse onto fine grained sand back in 2012.


“Big Rig Jig”, an art installation by artist Mike Ross is featured in 2007.

Jim Urquhart / Reuters

You can check out more of the gallery, and see more of the beautiful insanity over at Buzzfeed.

Source: [Buzzfeed]

Editors Note: It should be made clear, as in the original listicle posted by Buzzfeed, these pictures are from a selection over time, not from the 2015 installation alone.

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