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Diplo Bashes Chicago After Mad Decent Block Party Stop

Mad Decent Block Party
Diplo had some choice words for Chicago’s Mad Decent Block Party, and the fans who attended it this past weekend. After calling out Chicago as the “worst stop on the tour” Diplo had some answering to do.


Diplo’s biggest complaint about no payoff from may or may not be valid. It’s common knowledge that he’s been trying to get a Chicago stop on the Mad Decent Block Party for quite a while now and when it was announced that 2015 was the big year, he mentioned his excitement for the show. Diplo mentions his distaste for the fans, but that could be a result of multiple things. The Chicago audience may have expected a little more from the superstar. Unfortunately all we can do is speculate, the truth is that we can’t really know for sure. What we do know is that Chicago has a rich history when it comes to electronic music, which is why it seems strange that an industry figurehead would go out of his way to bash it without more details. Hopefully, more information will be presented soon enough.


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