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Disclosure – Magnets Feat. Lorde (Official Music Video)

Disclosure – Magnets Feat. Lorde

If you have ever wondered whether Lorde was capable of committing adultery, well you almost got it in Disclosure‘s music video for ‘Magnets.’ <SPOILERS> It starts out and stays at a Hollywood Hills mansion, where Lorde willingly gets seduced by the host of the party, who of course already has a girlfriend. Lorde wants the guy. The girlfriend doesn’t know. The guy is getting away with it. That’s not it at all. The sci-fi background suggests something peculiar is really happening. The scene right after the guy’s first tryst with Lorde shows the girlfriend’s worried face, like she sort of knows. Actually she knows, even before the beginning of the music video.

The scene when Lorde begins her ‘hit girl’ duties is where the fun really begins. She shows off her jittery dance moves in a Matrix-like trench coat, on her way to punish the dude by locking him to a chair and pushing him into the pool before setting the water on fire. She even passes the girlfriend, which definitely cements the idea that the girlfriend knew this whole time and hired someone to end her boyfriend.

The dramatic side works in Lorde’s favor, and continues Disclosure’s journey for truth, as the duo typically have strong female leads who find ways to get their way in dark worlds.

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