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DJ Trolls Crowd With ‘Unexpected John Cena’ Meme

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Memes are like seasons, they come and go. Currently, one of the hottest ones out there is the ‘Unexpected John Cena’. It seems like there’s a new video of the WWE superstar popping up on my news feed every single day, but this latest one might take the cake.

We’ve seen DJs troll crowd with ‘Rickrolling’ and underwhelming “Turn Down For What” drops, but this has to be the first time John Cena has made his way into a set. The video begins with the DJ playing Eminem’s classic tune “My Name Is” before transitioning into something that shocked everyone in attendance. Check out the priceless clip below and if you’re unfamiliar with the ‘Unexpected John Cena’ meme, we’ve also included a compilation video for your viewing pleasure.

Source: Stoney Roads

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