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Eric Prydz – Pryda Vol III EP

Eric Prydz – Pryda Vol III EP

Leave it to Eric Prydz to nonchalantly drop an EP with 12 monster tracks after already releasing 2 other impressive EPs this summer. Over the past year or so we’ve seen entire artist albums with months and months of constant promotional effort that are less substantial than this EP. Eric jokingly quipped that there are Vol I fans and Vol II type fans who are very different, but that Vol III would unite both of them. Once again, some very long awaited tracks have finally been released such as ‘Sol‘ and ‘INOX‘. Judging by fan reactions on Reddit, this might be the best EP of the three. Prydz hasn’t uploaded the EP to SoundCloud yet, but you can listen to ‘Sol’ and ‘INOX’ below. Have a look at the epic tracklist and pick up your copy today.

1. One Day
2. SOL
3. Bussen
4. Border Control
5. Bytag
7. Crossings
8. Seadweller
9. The Truth
10. Arpe
11. Frost
12. Night Breed

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