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DJ Evian Christ Locked in Festival Cage As A Mistaken Drunken Tresspasser

Evian Christ
Famous UK music festival, Leeds Festival, is in the middle of some controversy. Producer and DJEvian Christ, was locked in a cage by the festival’s security.

was involved in a strange incident at leeds festival this weekend which ended up in me being detained inside a cage, as…

Posted by Evian Christ on Monday, August 31, 2015

Evian Christ on his facebook explained his take on what had transpired at the festival and why he was thrown into a cage backstage of the festival. Evian explained that a security guard mistook him as a festival tresspasser instead of one of the DJs at the show. The possible reason why the security guard gave him issues was that Evian Christ’s real name is ‘Joshua Leary’ which does not match the name of his artist pass. Well of course the security guard did not want to double check with anybody at the time to see if he was truly an artist at the festival but instead through it into a cage (illegally may I add).

After being locked up for over an hour, starting a #freeevian campaign on Twitter and getting support from other DJs in the like of Brodinski (who threatened to cancel his spot at another festival the same promoters for the Leeds Festival are covering), Evian was set free from a senior security guard. Festival organizer Melvin Benn told NME that he was locked up for being intoxicated and for refusing to identify himself to security. Evian came back to that comment and said, “even if that were true (it isn’t), there’s likely a better way to deal with that situation than to physically detain someone who isn’t actually legally under arrest for anything,” which was stated on his Facebook.

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