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Karma Fields – Skyline

Karma Fields – Skyline

Ever since we crossed paths with Karma Fields, his tracks have always had a home in our playlists. While the phrase ‘pushing the envelope’ has started to become a cliche, Kharma Fields gives new definition to this commonly used phrase.

And with his latest release, ‘Skyline’, he goes out on a phenomenal limb to bring you 4:45 minutes of slowdown euphoria. Starting out with a vocal line that drifts and winds its way throughout the mix, the beat slowly builds until the drums finally are introduced. Once the percussion lines have a chance to work their magic, the track comes to its climax as chords and harmonies and countermelodies all work their magic in a way that only Karma Fields can bring to the table.

So check out the track below, courtesy of Monstercat, and head over to iTunes and snag your copy today.

William Vance
Currently Residing in Portland, Oregon. @EDMTunesWill
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