New Headphones Let You Listen to Music Ears-Free


Headphones and ear buds have seen somewhat of a revival as of late, with several brands breathing life into the industry, be it through unique colors, customization options, or just superior sound quality. However, these rather cosmetic or cursory upgrades to current headphone technology haven’t made any huge leaps forward in the way we receive out audio. Studio Banana Things is determined to change that with their new Batband headset, which allows you to listen to music ears-free. The rather elegant piece of equipment uses bone conducting technology that transmits audio through sound waves to the inner ear through bones in the skull; a technique commonly used by hearing aids. The biggest difference between the Batband and typical headphones is ability to listen to music without obstructing your ears, allowing you to remain alert while enjoying your tunes. Essentially, you will be hearing the music in your head. The Batband is Bluetooth capable and comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a two-way microphone. You can preorder your own Batband on the website, or check out the company’s Kickstarter for some cool perks.