PAPER CRANE – VOL. 2 [Free Download]


Paper Crane


The Paper Crane collective is yet another example of the power of artistic talent pools. Collectives are characterized by their universally held principles, imagery, quirks n’ character, identity, and most importantly: sound. The beauty behind a good collective though, is that behind all their similarities, each member brings a unique aspect to the table; without each unique member bringing their own identifiable sound to the table, the collective wouldn’t even exist. Paper Crane is one of the collectives that’s doing it right. Built up by very young, and immensely talented artists like Madcnap, Yitaku, and and Sound Patrol,¬†Paper Crane acts as a platform for budding artists looking to showcase sounds that the mainstream quite frankly doesn’t deserve to boast.

For those of you who haven’t heard them, or want an all around idea of what they’re about, you’re in luck. Their 2nd compilation is out now, and it’s an audible whirlwind next wave creativity that needs to be heard. Song structures loosely follow classic arrangements, but the elements that are used to glue everything together are amazingly out-of-the-box and entertaining; bizarre instrumentation, filters, samples, and all around good vibes are present in essentially every tune. It’s free to download as well, but you may wanna consider donating to these guys, they’re bound for great things, and could use all the early help they could get. Click over to their Soundcloud as well, and check out their full roster!

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