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TomorrowWorld Unveils Dazzling Trailer & Stage Designs For 2015 Gathering [VIDEO + PHOTOS]

It’s become increasingly more difficult to decide between music festivals nowadays. With so many different festivals to choose from, and many of them offering a similar lineup, there has become less and less things to differentiate music festivals, but stage production will always be one of the most important factors. If you want the best production that any festival has to offer, there’s only one place to go – TomorrowWorld. With the third edition of the festival approaching in less than 30 days, TomorrowWorld has unveiled their nine unique stage designs, including the Mythical Frames stage, the Boat stage, and the newly-minted “Key of Happiness” main stage (images after the jump).

With only a few short weeks left until the opening day, TomorrowWorld has also released the official trailer for the festival this year to help get you excited. Watch the trailer to get the inside scoop on the fairytale story behind the Key To Happiness, and get a glimpse of the madness to come in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. Limited tickets are still on sale here.

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 photo cbc3d6e9-9470-4150-a9c0-edda6057d2f0.png photo 1630212a-0ca3-4d0c-8c79-c43759437112.png
 photo 90606587-4535-4fb6-8b4e-5a576c4b22e3.png photo a4d59084-dd73-4325-9897-a1fe7ae195f8.png

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