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[WATCH] Ultra Miami 2015 Aftermovie is Perfection

Ultra Miami 2015 Aftermovie
I think the biggest mistake I’ve made in writing this article is my attempting to write it immediately after having watched it. Because quite frankly, I’m speechless. We’ve all seen a festival after-movie at some point or another in our time looking into dance music; they serve as an incredible window into what the festival scene is all about and the unique energy each event exudes. Ultra (Ultra Miami specifically) has always placed high value on these short films, often being on the cutting edge of composition and quality. Well this year they kinda took the standard they had already set themselves and threw it out the window. The Ultra Miami 2015 Aftermovie is without a doubt the highest grade video production to have ever existed in the realm of music. Yeah. Music in general. Everything. Literally, it just beats everything.

Shot in beautiful 4K video, this behemoth of a after movie contains 14 minutes of sheer energy and passion. It showcases everything you could think of, from building the festival, to peak performances, and after-party Miami nightlife. The video depicts the epitome of festival energy, both in its most beautiful uplifting forms and dark, deep, and aggressive (…and sexy) forms, and lends to a severe craving to return for next year’s edition – as you’ll note by your dropped jaw and active salivary glands. Really by this point, I don’t know why anyone would keep reading, when you should be watching this impeccable production. Hats off to you Ultra, and a big round of applause to the production team behind it all.

Film Credits:

Created by Final Kid

Directed and Edited by Charly Friedrichs

Produced by Floor Schiphorst


Oscar Verpoort
Max Maloney
Ruurd Vulink
Rakhal Heijtel
Wissam Abdallah
Maik Diederen
Ben De Graaf
Merlijn Dielemans
Robin Piree

Time and Hyperlapse Photography:
Matthew v/d Putte
Jack Fisher

VR footage by P.J. Morreale and Calder Wilson,

Camera and production assistance:
Sascha Plagge
Nicky Pajkic
Frank Emous
Andreas Almkvist
Sanne Motza
Anthony Diaz
Adam Dolgoff
Kevin Bressler
Rella Jean

Elliott Brockelbank
Former editor
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