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[WATCH] The Commercial That’s So Burning Man, Even Burning Man Can’t Handle It

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As the dust finally settles from this years Burning Man, there seems to have been a certain amount of fallout post-festival as the iconic event gains more and more mainstream attention. While everyone was busy at either the playa or in Black Rock City, a certain restaurant chain wanted to capitalize on new mecca-for-mellenials. Taking it as an assault against their ideals, Burning Make seeks legal action by suing the restaurant responsible.

The popular sandwich joint, Quiznos, took a creative and funny twist on what Burning Man is all about. And while it can easily be laughed at as a quirky and viral commercial, many of the burners don’t feel the same. Filmed at Burning Man itself, the commercial includes a handful of images of art installations from the festival that were filmed without the artists permission. This apparently gives them a grounds for legal action, as they see it as a move to commercially exploit their beloved Burning Man ideals.

One Burner’s blog went on to say this about the matter:

“The shameless flouting of our Decommodification Principle to hawk sandwich coupons is equally unfortunate (and unnecessary to the purported “parody”). The Burning Man name, and the designs of the Man and Black Rock City, are core affinity symbols of our culture that we protect precisely so they won’t be used in ad campaigns.”

So check out the video above, and let us know what you think about the commercial!


Via Burning Man Blog and SFist

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