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Armin Only Will Return in 2016

Today is the day, as Armin van Buuren releases his 6th studio album, Embrace. For fans of trance, Armin van Buuren often provides many of the most unforgettable live music experiences. Obviously his A State of Trance Radio show and its associated festivals gives fans a nice taste of the latest stars in the subgenre, but there’s something even better out there. With each album release, Armin goes on a world tour to select arenas¬†where he plays extended sets of 6 hours. There are no openers, just Armin van Buuren from open to close. For many, this is the ultimate experience in trance and many had wondered whether the Armin Only Intense Tour may be its last.

Fear not trancefam for Armin has just announced that Armin Only Embrace will be kicking off in 2016. For now all we know is that the festival will last into 2017 and that fans can sign up for more information here. The next chapter in trance has begun and there’s plenty to be excited about. Additionally, fans can pick up a copy of Embrace here¬†and relive Armin Only Intense below.

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