Dillon Francis & Skrillex – Bun Up The Dance (Official Music Video)


Bun Up The Dance - Screen Grab

Dillon Francis & Skrillex – Bun Up The Dance
(Official Music Video)

After a day of teasing on social media, the music video for ‘Bun Up The Dance’, the massive collaboration between Dillon Francis and Skrillex, was released on YouTube today.

Directed by David M. Helman, the music video is set in a dark house in a brooding jungle. Helman’s style of bold primary colors shows strongly in this video, focusing on yellow, red, and blue. We see people stumbling around the different rooms as moths flutter about. When the beat drops, the people contort and dance as they throw themselves around the various rooms. The video ends with a very large moth sitting next to a lamp that has attracted smaller moths.

The ‘Bun Up The Dance’ music video is a stark departure from the mostly humorous collection of music videos that Dillon Francis has given us in the past, with the style being a little more in line with what Skrillex fans are used to. Overall, while rabid jungle fever may not have been the best move, the video is beautifully done, leaving the viewer entertained and confused.