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DJ Mag Called Kaskade A “Douche” And He’s Not Happy About It

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any dance music fan that DJ Mag‘s annual ranking of the Top 100 DJ’s has once again sparked controversy upon its release. Last week the 2015 DJ Mag Top 100 placed Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike in the number one spot, beating out former two-time winner Hardwell. The Belgian duo’s incredibly aggresive marketing tactics, provoked the ire of fans and artists alike, and once again called the legitimacy of the list.

Now DJ Mag itself has cast further doubt about the credibility of its infamous list with its rather snarky portrait of superstar DJ and longtime dance music fixture Kaskade. The artist, who has referred to the competition as “not on his radar” in the past, ranks 84 on the list, which, objectively, seems very low given Kaskade’s influence and permanence in industry. Furthermore, in their description of Kaskade, DJ Mag refer to him as a “douche” and “potty-mouth,” while simultaneously complaining about his unavailability to answer questions relating to the annual poll. The uncharacteristic portrayal of the DJ didn’t go unnoticed and Kaskade took to Twitter to respond. In a series of tweets, Kaskade called into question the personal nature of what essentially amounted to an attack on him for failing to participate in the annual marketing blitz the poll inspires. We, for one, agree with Kaskade, because regardless of his ranking on the list, DJ Mag failed to speak to his musical merits even once, and instead to blatantly insult him.



Here is Kaskade’s full artist bio:


From: Los Angeles, California

Style: EDM, progressive

Last year, Kaskade’s management made a song and dance about him answering a few simple questions for our poll. This year, they went one step further — insisting the main man was too busy on tour to answer the questions we put his way.

He’s not the only one, but all things considered this LA-based DJ/producer is fast becoming as notorious for his potty-mouth as he is his musical output. Last year, for example, he famously told us that “Anyone over the age of 30 is suspect in a nightclub” (Kaskade is 44), while this year he’s been taking pop-shots at rock royalty in the shape of Sir Paul McCartney.

To give you a bit of background, at this year’s Lollapalooza Festival, the sound bleed from Kaskade’s stage meant that it interrupted McCartney’s acoustic guitar during a tribute to John Lennon.

“I intended this,” McCartney joked as Kaskade’s bass crossed over to his stage. “It’s like a crazy mash-up of this song and whatever they’re playing over there.”
Kaskade’s response? “I love that!

There’s something irreverent about electronic music, that it’s very young and youthful, so the fact that I pissed some old guy off is very funny. Life achievement unlocked.”

Douche. He might be big business in Vegas and a regular fixture in the Top 100, but with this sort of outspoken carry-on it’s surely only a matter of time before this man’s antics relegate him to a bin marked ‘obscurity’. Kaskade, please, stick with the day job, mate.


Austin Goldman
Miami/LA @agoldman57
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