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Old Footage Of DVBBS As A Boyband Surfaces In Unearthed Video

As the 2015 festival season comes to a close and we re-watch the breath-taking aftermovies from the world’s biggest stages, it’s hard not to appreciate just how far electronic dance music has come in such a short period of time. It wasn’t long ago that household names like Tiesto and Eric Prydz were playing nine hour sets inside small venues across Europe. Nowadays, it seems ever year, the stages and lineups get bigger and better and new festivals continue to pop up all across the country.

During this rapid expansion of electronic dance music we’ve seen tons of new artists and producers come to light. DVBBS is one of those many artists, as the duo from the Toronto area has surged in popularity with hits like Tsunami’ and ‘White Clouds dominating main stages these past few years. With all this success, it’s hard to imagine what DVBBS would have done in a different era; a different musical period without EDM being popular.

Well chance has it that today, we can now see what DVBBS would sound like reimagined as a 90’s boyband. In some recently unearthed footage, we see a young Chris and Alex van den Hoef starring in a 3-member group known as DUBBS, with a pop-synth sound very much contrasting the heavy drops we’re used to. The song, titled ‘Girls Kissing Girls’ features all the high-quality visuals you can expect from a video from this time period. While it might be easy to poke fun at the Canadian duo for the direction taken musically, they did see fairly moderate success, winning MuchMusic’s Disband Audition Tour.

Either way, despite how painful the video may be to watch nowadays, I think we’re all glad that they found their sound later on, and didn’t stick to the LMFAO-inspired music featured here. Watch the video below and let us know what you think. Maybe DUBBS was onto something?

Kyle Ackerman
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