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Good Guy TomorrowWorld Surprises Attendees With Full Refunds

In marketing, everybody knows that customers are judged based on how much they might bring to the company over the course of a lifetime. In fact, it’s worth quite a bit of money to keep a happy customer from becoming an unhappy ex-customer. TomorrowWorld is clearly paying attention to this, because they are going above and beyond to impress attendees of this year’s troubled outing. We know that TomorrowWorld promised 1/3 refunds for those who missed Sunday and promised all Sunday refunds. Well, you know what? TomorrowWorld just went ahead and credited people for their full ticket price, even for fans that made it to all 3 days (without camping). This has been widely reported by members of an active TomorrowWorld Facebook group. Can you honestly stay mad at them after a move like that? Apparently investors are warming up again too, because parent company SFX reached a high of over $1.50 this week. In fact, if you had purchased stock in SFX before TomorrowWorld you could have tripled your investment. It’s safe to say that a lot more people will be looking forward to next year when the Kingdom of Melodia touches down in (hopefully sunny) Georgia.

Source: TomorrowWorld USA
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