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Hardwell Calls Out SoundCloud’s Copyright Policies

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Problems with copyright infringement when using song that have been released on his own record label forced Hardwell to tell SoundCloud to “get its shit together” via Twitter. This is the kind of problem that makes you think how effective these policies really are, because this is not just an up-and-coming DJ uploading a mashup or a bootleg. We are talking about DJ Mag’s #1.

Hardwell’s massive fan base reacted right away and took justice into their own hands ranting about SoundCloud’s end and posting their concerns all over social media. The truth is that day by day, SoundCloud’s reputation keeps falling and DJs are starting to look for the next platform to post their music without concern. The infamous “purge” is one of the biggest responsables for this fall and seems like SoundCloud is going to stick with it. This is just one chapter and maybe the owners will find the way to be fair with all their users.

Source: Dancing Astronaut

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