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Insomniac Brings “Crystal Village” Stage to EDC Orlando

Crystal Village

Earlier today, Insomniac revealed via Instagram that this year they will be bringing a new main stage to EDC Orlando: Crystal Village. This brand new stage design was debuted at EDC Las Vegas earlier this year back in June. The stage is described by Insomniac as, “a perfect utopia where the owl community lives in harmony with technology and nature.” The Crystal Village is designed with much larger LED screens than the previous “Kinetic Cathedral”, but a bit smaller in overall size. A bit of the right half of the stage expresses fire, while the other bit of the left half expresses water.  Insomniacs founder, Pasquale Rotella stated via Twitter that a major difference in the stages was that the Kinetic Cathedral had a priest to lead it, and the Crystal Village has a mayor. The stage shined bright and made memories in Vegas, but in a little over two weeks its Orlando’s turn to experience this beauty.

Joey Rubio
Full-time student at UF from Miami, FL.
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