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According To Source, Justice Has Been “Locked In The Studio Everyday”


As you may have heard by now, the French electro duo Justice is back in the studio. Rumors of a comeback had been circulating the web after Gasper Auge uploaded a picture of a Justice B-Side, which seemed to imply that the two were set for a third studio album. This has now been confirmed by Busy-P, the owner of Ed Banger Records, who states that the two have been “locked in the studio everyday” hard at work on a new full length album.

This is the first news of an album since Audio, Video, Disco was released in 2011. Following this album, Justice consistently toured through 2011-2013, and have only performed sporadically in 2015. Hopefully, the arrival of new material results in a subsequent Justice tour.

Though Busy-P confirmed that Justice was in the process of creating new tunes, he didn’t say when we could expect an official release, or whether or not there would be a tour. Stay tuned!

Source: Mixmag

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