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Martin Garrix Battles With Sony & WMG After They Pull His Live Sets From YouTube


So, if you are having trouble finding Martin Garrix’s set from Szigest Festival in Budapest on YouTube, you are not the only one.  Sony and Warner Music Group (WMG) have been pulling Martin Garrix’s live sets from YouTube.  These two labels claim that having these sets up on YouTube violates copyright laws.

Martin Garrix fans noticed the sets were pulled right away.  They searched for Garrix’s sets from Szigest Festival and Ultra Music Festival, only to find a sad face and a notice that the videos were pulled due to copyright violations.  Garrix responded, “no idea…some stupid claims by Sony & Warner, guess everything is about money nowadays”.  Martin Garrix tweeted he is “working on getting is back up”.

Sony and WMG have been at odds with Martin Garrix since he announced he will be leaving Spinnin’ Records and MusicAllStars. He explained his decision by stating, “From the beginning of this year I tried to get back the ownership rights of my music from Spinnin’ Records and to keep my confidence in MAS. I am extremely disappointed that the discussions have not led to a change in the agreements or return of the ownership rights, and that is why I nullified them.”









Source: Dancing Astronaut

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