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Pioneer Introduces New, CD-free CDJ Model, The XDJ-700


With 20+ years devoted to the tech savvy side of DJing, Pioneer continues to develop products that deliver world-firsts to the DJ world. Their newest piece of hardware, the XDJ-700 furthers this notion, as it proves to be Pioneer’s most compact standalone design yet, complete with removable stand, touchscreen, and USB ports. Although this hardware has the appearance of a CDJ, it ditches the CD-capable feature altogether for digital media play only via USB, smartphone or computer. As is the case with every piece of Pioneer DJ equipment, the XDJ-700 is fully compatible with the company’s rekordbox software, which was recently upgraded to full performance software, thus, granting the XDJ-700 even more features and enhanced track information on top of the many performance features it inherited from its big brother, the XDJ-1000. The large, full-color LD screen gives DJs intuitive access to all the player’s features and displays crucial information including wave display, Beat Countdown, Phase Meter and Key Analysis Indicator. DJs can load tracks via USB or Wi-Fi and prepare their sets through rekordbox software on their computers or on the rekordbox phone app, rendering it an extremely up-to-date way to DJ.

The XDJ-700 is available in December 2015 for $699, making it as affordable as it is innovative. Check out Pioneer’s  XDJ-700 in action below!

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