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Ratatat Mesmerizes On ‘Last Call With Carson Daly’

After perfecting an extremely noteworthy fusion of guitar, melodica, synthesizers, percussion and bass playing over the last decade, Brooklyn-based duo Ratatat has taken the world of forward-thinking electronic/instrumental music by force. Using their uniquely acquired and matured perspective on indie electronica, Ratatat released their first album in five years this July to rave reviews, the 14-track LP, Magnifique. 

The only thing that’s more mesmerizing than the duo’s undeniably inspired songwriting capabilities is their uncanny ability to showcase their multi-instrumental musicianship in real time and take their audience through a live sonic journey. And that’s just what they did last week on Last Call with Carson Daly. Ratatat’s genre-trascending, heart warming, pseudo electronic presence graced the stage on Carson Daly’s talk show to perform two of the LP’s hit singles, “Pricks Of Brightness” and “Cream Of Chrome”, in a pristinely wonderful fashion (complete with trippy visuals). Check out clips from their performance below!


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